Wanna know what the Liga LBR will be like in 2021?

We are back! The LBR League is reborn in 2021 with a new team, a new vision and new values. All this along with hundreds of ideas and many hours of work. It gives rise to what we have called the “New Format”.

A new format where fun and entertainment prevail. Our mission is to have fun races, where we go to have fun as a family, as we have always done.

The LBR League, the BMX “festival” par excellence.

A New Fun Format

Expo area

In the races we have an exhibition and leisure area. Like when we go to compete in international races and there are many tents. Bike shops, exclusive material from the LBR League, clothing brands, art exhibitions, pros signatures, live music, food trucks … And much more!

Totally FREE for exhibitors (yes, you read that correctly, setting up your store is free, if you want, write to us at info@ligalbr.com and we will explain how to do it).

Animation and shows

Do you remember when we used to do Whips contests on breaks? And when were T-shirts and gifts thrown into the stands? Well, that’s how it will be. During the races we will:

Giveaways and launch of merchandise to the stands area
Freestyle shows, dance …
Many contests (whips, cock fights …)
Runner interviews
Signature of autographs with the best national and international PROs.

The feeling when you come home after an LBR League weekend will be BRUTAL!

Friday’s at the track

Can you think of a better plan for a Friday afternoon than going to the circuit, practicing for a while and then competing in one of these competitions?

Racing without chain
King of the Gate.
Racing backwards.
Scooter racing
High jump or long jump competitions
Racing with your “Rocket” bike
Best trick
Best line
Longer manual …

No matter what event you play each weekend, the goal is to have fun, right?


As in any race, we will reward the fastest runners in each category. After all, that’s what BMX is all about, right? We went out to give 100% and win every race, especially the final.

But what if you want to do a spectacular turndown or whip in the middle of the circuit? Not only are you going to leave the whole public speechless, but it has a prize. We will have a prize for the best trick of the weekend.

And what if you fall? Falling is also rewarded … On Sunday we will give a prize to the best fall of the weekend.

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